Aquaseal Basement Foundation Concrete Crack Repair Specialists

Aquaseal Basement Foundation Concrete Crack Repair Specialists
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Waterloo Concrete Crack Repair Specialist Waterloo in Waterloo

Waterloo Concrete Crack Repair Specialist Waterloo in Waterloo Waterloo Concrete Crack Repair Specialist Waterloo in Waterloo Waterloo Concrete Crack Repair Specialist Waterloo in Waterloo                                                         

Waterloo Concrete Crack Repair Specialist Waterloo in Waterloo     

Aquaseal Basement Waterproofing Contractors Waterloo  is a family owned company specializing in basement leak solutions and waterproofing for the residential homeowner and construction industry. We have been serving Southern Ontario with 38 years of experience.
Aquaseal Basement Waterproofing Contractors was established in 1988 to provide all proven methods of repair for the refurbishing of existing residential, commercial and institutional buildings. However, the expansion of our range of services allows us to provide waterproofing solutions for all types of structures. Our damp proofing and waterproofing products are supplemented by products and materials to deal with the symptoms such as damp, wet, cracked, leaky basements, also not limited to only below grade structures. We have successfully repaired over 120,000 homes and businesses throughout Southern Ontario.
Aquaseal Basement Waterproofing Contractors has grown to become a service leader throughout Southern Ontario with a reputation for effective solutions second to none. 
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• basement / foundation repair specialist in concrete crack structural repairs by  pressure epoxy injections
• basement / foundation repair specialist polyurethane resin concrete crack pressure injections
• basement interior weeping tile drain systems
• exterior excavation waterproofing (rubberized membrane applications)
• beam pockets and brick flashing reinstated without removing brick
• tie rods / snaptie repairs honeycomb / hydro projections sealed
• weeping tile installed or cleaned with high pressure water jetting / electric snaking / inline cameras.
• window well installations / lateral drain installations / backed up window well drains repair
• brick / masonry / stone sealed to prevent spalding and corrosion from salts
• damp proofing / drainage layers / drywells / french drains excavation work
 mini excavators / bobcat service / dump trailers
• consultations / inspections services
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Licensed Insured Better Business Bureau Member Chamber of Commerce

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